Comfortable and leisurely living room design

Comfortable and leisurely living room design

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This room is the perfect example of the lavish living quarter belonging to someone, who prefers to laze around and relax after a week of overstressing work. Starting from the laid-back ambience of the room, to the expensive entertainment unit, across a cosy looking sofa set, this room has leisure written all over it.

The sofa sets are long and could be easily reclined upon, while the steel-topped tables offer the affectivity of design. The rug cum carpet in dull brown keeps up with the colour scheme of the room, while the fiery orange acrylic panels behind the television set deviate from it, providing an apt diversion fro the mellowed colour scheme of the room. There is also a wooden staircase at the rear end of the living room, which makes optimum use of space, while still maintaining the integrity of the room.

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