The stylized attic cum living room

The stylized attic cum living room

May 11 • Drawing Room Designs • 1329 Views • No Comments on The stylized attic cum living room

What could have been a dark and musty attic has been turned into a living room, and a jolly warm one at that! The skylight of the attic is clearly visible of the slanting roof of this small but comfortable and cosy little living room, which undoubtedly lets the sunlight flood the room in the daytime. There is a jolly gaiety about this room that is reflected in its orange furniture pieces, and the smart yellow and black tiled floors.

The centre table is an example of the optimum utilisation of space in this tiny living room, with the sitting and table arrangement all set in one wooden structure. The vibrancy of the room is further magnified by the floral and organic influences of the green potted houseplant and the beautiful vase of fresh flowers. This room could be used for small and personal meetings with near and dear ones, especially on rainy afternoons, with the incessant pitter-pattering of the raindrops adding mood music to this homely ambience!

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