Living Room with Class

Living Room with Class

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A living room is the focal point of the overall home décor. Therefore it should be designed in a manner so as to give the perfect and the first hand impression of elegance to your guests. This living room is an epitome of class, beautifully designed with furniture’s placed at perfect distances. Contrasted beautifully with such soothing colours of the walls, floor and the roof. The touch of black in the furniture as against the background of light colors, provide the ultimate beauty in itself.

This lavish room is occupied by a stylish sofa set placed at a side, with French window panes fixed on its right. There are three pendant lamps fixed in the room to give it a decorative touch. The stylish, exquisite coffee table in front of the sofa set, adds further flavor of elegance to the room. The bright stunning rug against the light colour of the floor presents the accurate match for the room therefore making it desirable and classy.

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