A Lucrative Living Room

A Lucrative Living Room

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A living room is the most attractive place of one’s house. It’s not only the place for socializing but also a symbol of elegance. Therefore it should be the perfect and the most lucrative place of your house. This room serves the exact purpose. The room is decorated beautifully with all the possible accessories to give it a picture perfect look.

The right splash of colours is used in the room, to make it even more attractive. The front wall is punched with dark yellow colour against the light colours used for the side walls, which changes the focal point. On the floor dark saffron colour tiles are used, which is in perfect contrast with the colours of the walls. The sofa set is placed against one side of the wall above which a gorgeous wall hanging is fixed.

A throw rug is strategically placed in front of the sofa set overlaid by a delicate glass table. This is a design of a double decked living room, with a staircase at one side of the room ending up in a small open space which is occupied by a bed. The final touch of beauty is given by the three hanging pendant lamp which adds to the vigor of the room.

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