A Living Room of Space Management

A Living Room of Space Management

Jun 3 • Drawing Room Designs • 1710 Views • No Comments on A Living Room of Space Management

A skillful management of space along with giving it the best ever look is what one can say. This is a beautifully designed living room occupying less space nonetheless accommodating all the essentials. The room is showcasing perfect interplay of colors, excellently matching with each other. The plasma placed against the background of two colors is the focal point of the room.

The gorgeous window panes and the absolutely stylish shelf add to the beauty of the room. The big vase placed at the corner of the room gives it an antique look. The twin standing candle sticks in front of the window, the pendant roof lamp placed exactly in the middle of the roof and the perfectly matching rug in front of the sofa set with that of the wall hanging gives the final vigor to the room.

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