Elegant and subtle taste in living room

Elegant and subtle taste in living room

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The living room is the central focus of the house, which forms a place of interaction for all the family members and friends over long and loud sessions of coffee and other occasions. It clearly reflects the tastes and sensibilities of the owner and hence must contain certain aesthetic touches. This room is a lavish enterprise containing very comfortable and plush armchairs and sofa sets in colours that complement the general colour scheme of the room, which is a subtle shade of cream and grey.

The entertainment unit faces the sitting area and is set into a large and expansive wall panel in dark oak wood. Books and small room decorative fill the racks of the shelves against the wall. The orange lampshades heighten the mellow mood of the room and create a dramatic look. A beige and cream carpet adorns the marble floor of the room completing its look of understated elegance.

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