Structured Living Room Design

Structured Living Room Design

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Home theater, couch, sofa, basic chairs, throw pillows, wall-to-wall carpeting – this is what comes to mind when one thinks of a family room. The living room design is the first thing that grabs the eye on walking into a house. The living room design encapsulates the mood of the inmates. Occasional paintings on the walls, delicate figurines and well done sculptors spell the design of the living room.

Furniture in the living room is sturdy given that this is the place the entire family settles down for bonding time. Color scheme is well coordinated and pleasing to the eye. A black and white theme is ideal making it easy to mix and match the ambience of the mood and surroundings. A carpet on the floor to curl up on, if the need arises, is a good investment for the living room design. A Decorative fan gives a pleasant look in the living room.

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