A Blend of Two - Living Room Design

A Blend of Two – Living Room Design

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Blend the old with the new and add a resplendent color as the hue. A beautiful chandelier highlights the look of this living room design. A mix of maroon and pale yellow for the sofa set sets an old world theme. Side tables made of royal wood like teak or vintage are positioned near the sofa stools. The center low table atop a beautiful spun carpet is square in shape.

Occasional antique furniture is positioned near the fireplace. The entertainment unit is ensconced in the wall unit with a glass setting for the rest of the units. The large windows open up to the large private balconies. Curtains are of the finest silk that money can buy tied with designer threads. Sheer lace curtains create a dreamy feel t to the window structure. The color schemes for the walls are pastel and blend beautifully with the rest of the furniture and fabric in the living room design.

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