Clear Cut Living Room Design

Clear Cut Living Room Design

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While glamour is a factor is some people’s lives others opt for something simple and here is an option where everything is simple. Clear cut is this living room design. The color theme for the room is a mix of yellow, light green, pretty blue and grey white. Yellow is the look of the flooring with vitrified tiles.

Light green are the walls behind the entertainment unit. Pretty blue are the curtains and grey white are the rest of the walls. Orange is a streak that throws out a different light. The sliding windows open out a balcony. Ceiling lights placed in an organized fashion illuminate the entire living room. The sofa settee is basic and structured to lounge in front of the television set. The center table made of steel and glass atop a black and white rug is interesting. A modern lampshade echoes a feel good flavor in this living room design.

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