The Soft Touch Living Room

The Soft Touch Living Room

Jul 8 • Drawing Room Designs • 1391 Views • No Comments on The Soft Touch Living Room

This room is more appealing in its type, welcomes guests in a nice manner. The decorative articles on the shelves are well-designed. The right kind of limited stuff has been settled inside the cube. The books arranged horizontally and vertically tempt anybody, to pick them up and read. The living room is more of a peaceful reading room too. The corners, have been kept very well, the carpet suites the white ceramic on floor.

The wide screen TV adds to the aesthetics of this room. One can relax on the sofa and watch TV. The grey accent, on the sidewall is highly tentative. The Cd’s and Dvd’s arranged in the unit look amazing and neat. The crystal lamps on top of the glass ensure enough light to cover the room. Guests can be comfortably seated. The room makes space for everybody that comes in. Children can enjoy the most with this space.

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