Long Living Room Design

Long Living Room Design

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What this room lacks in width it makes up in length thereby creating a balance in this living room design. As you walk into the living room you notice how colors are played with artistically. The open windows throw in light and the blinds keep away the glare. The four piece sofa set is positioned in a way that it overlooks the entertainment unit.

The center table a top a long simple carpet is of steel and glass accommodating a floral arrangement in the living room design. Ensconced in the corner is an air cooler for the warm months. The color schemes of the walls strike a pretty balance with blue-grey. Adorning the walls are a colorful painting and a mural. Focal lights on either side in an organized fashion and the ceiling lamp is simple and real. Accommodating the entire living room design is a fish tank and across we have greenery in the room with an indoor plant.

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