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Energy saving tips to cut down on your utility bills

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When it comes to saving money on utility bills, everyone has a trick up their sleeve that they put to good use and it is important to be able to put these tricks into practice as often as possible to really make a significant dent in the cost of running a home. There are a few obvious things that people can be doing to save money on their utility bills, such as switching their lightbulbs from conventional bulbs to energy saving ones but there are also some that fewer people know about.

One of the best things that can be done to find out more about how to save energy when running a home is to ask a local electrician to come and look over the property to give advice about what else can be done to modernise the existing circuit to save money. Any good electrician in Fremantle, Melbourne, Sydney or indeed anywhere in the world will be able to upgrade an electrical system to help to save money in the long run and reliable electricians can be found by doing some online research.

Green Tips

In order to save energy when running a household, the following steps should be taken:

  • Use cold water when washing clothes rather than hot and this will not only save the planet and money but the clothes themselves will also last longer
  • Regularly clean filters on air conditioning units to allow them to work better
  • Use a programmable thermostat
  • Turn off unused appliances and lights
  • Improve the insulation on the property
  • Check out the Energy Star label before investing in anything big such as a washing machine or fridge freezer
  • Keep the hot sun out of the house by closing blinds to avoid having to crank up fans or air conditioning
  • Keep the warmth in by opening the same blinds in the winter to let the sun in to avoid having to turn the heating up

Important tip: Cutting back on the cost of utility bills is a great way to save money but don’t forget that it is also important to be responsible as a homeowner by being more green in order to save the planet.


Perth electricians Amy Electrical can help anyone to improve their lighting and as this is one thing that can cost a lot of money; here are a few tips for any homeowner looking to save money on their lighting bills:

  • Use CFL bulbs in order to save energy
  • Be more energy efficient by using a motion sensor on outdoor lights
  • Recycle old CFL blubs
  • Use timers when on holiday, rather than leaving lights on all the time
  • Use the right bulb for different lights
  • Put lamps into the corner of a room, so that they reflect off of the walls to give off more light

There are plenty of things that can be done to reduce the amount of energy being used in a home and getting professional help from a qualified electrician is the best way to save money in the long run.

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