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Five tips to unlock more work opportunities

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You need to do whatever it takes. Getting a job takes determination and grit. It’s about having grit and going the extra mile. The opportunities are there, you just need find them, and make sure that when you do you are ready to capitalise. Here are some tips to help you stay ahead in the race. Easy angles, if you will, to help get you ahead of the job market competition

Be proactive
Set about identifying the companies that you would like to work for and approach them directly, regardless of whether they are advertising positions. If you contact a company when they are not hiring, you are the only person reaching out. Call and ask to speak to somebody in HR. Let them know who you are and tell them that you have identified their company as the company that you would like to work for. Ask if you can arrange to visit for a day or week, to job shadow and see how it works from the inside. Make sure that before you call you have your CV ready and prepped to send. They will almost certainly ask for you to send it over. And when they do make sur that there is enough on it to catch their eye. If for example it is a construction company, then make sure that you have put your qualifications or current studies down. A CV that says ‘builders license Vic’ will speak more to them even if incomplete, than the fact that you skippered the U15C cricket team.

Work for free
If you want the job and you feel like the company is a good fit for you, let them know that you’ll work for free. Chances are, before long, you’ll have impressed them enough with your tenacity and work ethic and they’ll ask you to stay. If they don’t think you have what it takes to cut it, after 30 days you agree that you part company and you have more work experience to beef up your CV. It might sound risky, but sometimes you must be daring.

One place where it’s almost impossible to get turned away is in the volunteer space. Pick a charity or a cause and offer to work for them for free. Doing this has many advantages which include the fact that it gives you something to put on your CV; it provides you with references; it speaks to your initiative, dedication and commitment and perhaps most importantly, it helps you build a network of connections and people.

There are always people looking for help and assistance. Find them and get involved. You will be amazed at what other opportunities will present themselves. People love to hire people who are busy.

Moving on from the point above, it goes without saying that the bigger your network of people the better your chance of being employed. Find ways to do it and make meaningful connections. Show yourself to be reliable and hardworking and a fun person to be around. Growing your network is an important and critical element to employment success.

Seek out internship programmes and companies that offer them. You will be offered a stipend to cover basic expenses, but what it really is, is an opportunity to learn on the job. Internships are a great way to build your skills and grow in confidence as they will expose you a lot of opportunities and different situations.

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