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Is Your Home Safe? How Often Do We Need to Maintain Your Electrical Home Appliances?

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Accidents relating to electricity are among the most serious encountered in family homes. To make sure your home is a safe place to reside for your family, it’s essential to have your electrical systems checked on a regular basis and ensure your home appliances are working as they should.

Those who don’t have their home appliances regularly maintained are putting their families at risk, so get in touch with a local electrician like Thornbury Electrics in Perth to schedule regular maintenance and be sure to watch out for electrical dangers around the home.

Regular Maintenance – Keeping Your Family Safe

When electrical appliances, like dishwashers, clothes dryers and air conditioning units, aren’t regularly maintained they can pose a threat to human health. All it takes is one electrical shock to change your lives forever, so it’s absolutely imperative that you leave nothing to chance.

  • Contact a local electrician to schedule regular home electrical maintenance
  • Keep a record of warranties so that you can have appliances repaired under warranty
  • Educate your family about electrical safety and the dangers to look out for

Regular electrical maintenance can help to keep your family safe, however, you still need to be vigilant and keep an eye out for electrical dangers which lurk around the family home.

Electrical Dangers – What to Look Out For

As we become more and more reliant on electrical appliances around the home the more dangers we need to become aware of. Here are a few electrical dangers to look out for.

  • Frayed or damaged cords

With some appliances, most notably large appliances such as fridges or dishwasher, a frayed or damaged cord can be replaced. However, if it’s a fairly inexpensive item that isn’t worth repairing, like an iron or a kettle, it’s best to dispose of it. To correctly dispose of such an item, cut the cord off so that it can’t be used again and place it in the correct bin.

  • Overly hot appliances

If an appliance seems hotter than it should be, there’s a good chance that there’s a problem which could pose a danger to human health. Don’t try to fix the problem yourself as this is very dangerous, so instead call a local electrician, like Thornbury Electrics in Perth.

  • Water and Electricity

We all know that water and electricity don’t mix, so keep electrical appliances away from water and ensure that all appliances which use water, like dishwashers, washing machines, etc., are regularly maintained by an approved electrical services provider.

It’s important to ensure that the electrician who maintains your appliances is experienced, qualified and insured – don’t take any chances when it comes to the services of tradespeople.

While some electrical dangers can be removed from the reach of children or correctly disposed of, for example, if an appliance’s cord is damaged or frayed, in many cases expert assistance is required. Whenever you’re confronted with an electrical danger and you feel out of your depth, call your local electrician. That’s the safest way to deal with electrical dangers in the home.

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