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Is your Home Security as Good as it Should Be?

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Modern society is rife with crime, and with the current economic downturn, this doesn’t look like changing, and with housebreaking a close second to car theft, beefing up your home security is a good idea. That leads us to the question of just how good a domestic security system should be, and if you aren’t quite sure about this, here are a few pointers to help you decide.

Video Surveillance

If your home does not have CCTV, then you would need to have a good security system that activates if any of the access points are breached. CCTV is said to be the best deterrent, as any burglar would know that video evidence will convict them in a court of law, and unless you have the crown jewels in your bedroom, they will simply look for an easier target.

Wireless Alarm Systems

If you already have a burglar alarm, make sure it is working properly, but if you have yet to install this, consider a wireless alarm system. The benefits are many, and they include remote control, and the ability to check on the status remotely. If you happen to be in Western Australia, alarm systems by Aust-Guard Security Services are both affordable and of the highest quality. Not only that, by calling them in, you will receive a free assessment of your current security systems, and also some advice on how best to remedy any weaknesses.

Secure Locks

All windows and doors should have good quality double locks, and when you leave home, they should all be checked beforehand. The average burglar will look for a ground floor rear window or door, as this would be more secluded, yet in the event he or she saw CCTV cameras, the break in would immediately be aborted. It could be said that a combination of secure locks and video surveillance gives the homeowner adequate security, and most security companies would be able to install both.

Perimeter Alarms

There are alarms for the entry points of a building, which are called perimeter alarms, and this will ensure that all access points are protected when the system is activated. The early hours of the morning are the most common time for a house break in, and by activating the alarm before you go to sleep, your home is protected. Burglar alarms are complex and require the right configuration, so make sure you call in an established security company that has extensive experience in home security.

Interior Motion Sensor Alarms

These work by placing motion sensors at specific points around the home, and are ideal, unless you have a large pet, which would regularly set the alarm going. Typical placement locations would be the lounge, passageways, and the master bedroom, and with all exterior doors alarmed, you would have an adequate system.

Most homeowners are protected to some degree, but more often than not, it is inadequate and if a burglar happens to target an unprotected home, the occupants are likely to suffer a loss.

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