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The Hottest Home Design Trend for 2016

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The latest home design trends are a popular topic among homebuyers, especially those who are choosing to build a new home versus buying a resale home. Buyers wonder what sort of styles, colors and materials are popular so they can create a home that is personalized but also current. To answer your questions about 2016 home design trends, we’ve reviewed the research, advice from experts, and the top requests that are made to residential home builders. If you’re pursuing new home construction this year and want to stay up on the latest trends, check out the list below.

Open Concept Layout

The open concept layout was popular in 2015, and it continues to be one of the top new home construction trends this year too. Homeowners want their main floor space configured in a way that is conducive to entertaining and spending time with their families. By taking down the walls and allowing the kitchen, dining room, and living room to be open, you can create a sense of togetherness no matter which room you are in.

White and Gray Kitchens

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house, where family and friends come together to fuel up as well as build relationships and memories. New home builders always focus on creating the perfect kitchen for the family that will live in the home, and they are seeing requests for both white and gray kitchens in 2016.
White kitchens were a huge trend in 2015, where homeowners demanded white cabinets, white walls and white backsplash to create a bright and inviting space. This trend is still very popular for 2016.

However, residential home builders such as Princeton Classic Homes in Houston say they are also seeing a growing number of requests for gray kitchens, or gray cabinets more specifically. Sometimes these ideas are tied together in kitchens that use a white and gray color combination.

Spa-Like Master Bathrooms

A master bathroom has long been a top request for homeowners who build a new home. However, in 2016 new home construction, there is a move to create master bathrooms that offer the occupants a retreat from the busy world outside. Homeowners are looking to create a spa-like feel in their master bathrooms. Many are choosing large, walk-in showers that are completed with impressive floor-to-ceiling glass tile-work. The stand-alone, centered tub is also a common request and a way to add a relaxing element (and impressive focal point) to the master bathroom.

Indoor-Outdoor Living

Many new homes today have a contemporary feel and a focus on maximizing the functionality of every square inch. New home builders are also noticing a growing importance among homeowners of maximizing the functionality of their outdoor spaces as well. Many buyers who are building a new home want to expand the open concept main floor to the outdoor areas by installing sliding glass doors (often 3-panel instead of just 2-panel) that open onto decks. The outdoor space is set up to accommodate entertaining and can include outdoor kitchens, outdoor living rooms, fireplaces, fire pits, grills, pizza ovens and more.


Residential home builders have also noticed a growing demand for the latest technology in new homes. Many have received requests that the new home be pre-wired so it can accommodate Wi-Fi in every corner. Then homes are installed with the latest in high-tech devices including energy efficient appliances, sensor technology (such as lights that come on when you walk into the room), and appliances and gadgets that can be controlled with a smartphone (including thermostat, security system, smoke detectors, and kitchen appliances).

Bonus Rooms

In addition to the main rooms of the house, many new home builders are getting requests for bonus rooms, which can be personalized to meet the lifestyle of the home buyer. What you choose as a bonus room is up to you, but some of the popular options for 2016 include:

• Get away rooms that offer a place for relaxation, including libraries and media rooms.
• Wine rooms and bars that allow the homeowners to celebrate their love of wine and spirits.
• Home offices that allow homeowners to telecommute and accommodate flexible working schedules.
• Pet customization’s including feeding stations, dog showers, grooming parlors and play areas.

The main home design trend for 2016 is customization. Every person who chooses to build a new home knows that by doing so they can create the home of their dreams. Residential home builders are ready and willing to entertain all of your innovative ideas, which is why new home construction has been so popular in 2016.

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