Magnificent Red

Magnificent Red

Nov 25 • House Interior Plants • 1560 Views • No Comments on Magnificent Red

The art shows that of a plant with red and green leaves. Also depicted is a wooden floor. The whole scene gives the idea of a perfect mix of the wooden color of the floor and the color of the leaves of the plant. Selection of the combination is probably the most important part. The magnificent red colored leaves couples wonderfully with the green leaves.

The leaves look so fresh giving it an extra appreciable feature. This glorious combination is what anyone would possibly want and as for. The small bud at the centre of the red leaves amplify the beauty of the combination. The whole scene is marked by detailed depiction. How much more better can the combination of a mere plant having red leaves and that of a wooden floor look? It just cannot get better in any way what so ever. Only possession is probably better. Simply beautiful!

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