A beautiful view of a plant from outside

A beautiful view of a plant from outside

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The art shows that of a plant located in the inside of a room or a house probably. The beauty of this art is the plant, the pot as well as the sight through the glass window. The window is highly transparent and suggests supreme quality. The plant along with the pot is a beauty of its own. The small wonderful leaves of the plant make it look so blissful from the outside through the transparent glass window.

The thin and tiny branches are equally good with a marked brilliance. The color of the pot is also worth mentioning. A blend of brown and red colors gives the pot a characteristic look of its own. All the three combining together in this piece of art is just wonderful. It is hard to describe the beauty of this art merely with words. The scene probably gives a more complete perception of beauty. Extremely exquisite is all one can say.

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