The secret of indoor gardening

The secret of indoor gardening

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The secret for well maintained and healthy indoor plants depend on two factors mainly climate and appropriate temperature. While outdoor plants need 6 to 8 hours of proper sunlight to grow, indoor plants need 1 to 2 hours sunlight to grow and a meager amount of water as compared to outdoor plants. Some indoor plants have smaller leaves compared to the others.

They have small outgrowth of flowers from twigs which are generally bigger or longer than the twigs bearing leaves. These types of plants must be kept closer to the window so as to accommodate for the sunlight and warmth required for its growth. Care should be taken that the plant is properly taken care of and watered at frequent intervals and in the right amount. Some indoor plants have more number of twigs as compared to the others for rigidity and support. Therefore interior gardening can be a better option as compared to outdoor gardening as they are not as time consuming as the others.

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