Where amount of light matters the most

Where amount of light matters the most

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Of the many factors on which the interior plant growth depends on, the very most important factor is that of LIGHTING. If more amount of light is provided the plant wilts and dies and if fewer amounts is given it starves for light and in turn dies. So the right balanced amount of light is necessary for them to grow. If proper factors are used such as curtains as snipped, the curtains help to ward off excess amount of light to a certain extent.

The curtains which are whitish in color compliment the bluish purple flowers perfectly thereby giving the room a better look. The curtains are properly foldable which is helping the plant to be held properly and giving it the right amount of bend required for that to grow. The flower contained twigs grow longer as they have a better access to the sunlight. The leaves are growing in a parallel manner on both sides giving them a well grown look.

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