Thorny yet splendidly beautiful

Thorny yet splendidly beautiful

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A thing of beauty is a joy forever, when there is a perfect combination from head to toe, when the colors overall complement each other splendidly well, we call it picture perfect. Cactus usually grows in desert areas as it does not need much water to feed on. Here, the very same cactus plant is used and it has the right proportion of thorns on all sides, neither less nor more.

The four leaves protruding from the head of the cactus give it a better look. It is potted in a marble or ceramic pot and surrounded by pebbles which are giving it a glowing look. This pot in turn is placed inside the ceramic bowl .The bowl with its purplish lining beautifully contrasts the cactus plant pot and its company which has a yellowish green color, thereby having a perfect picture combination. This interior home plant looks different from the others due to the beautiful thorns which surround it.

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