No two leaves are the same

No two leaves are the same

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No two things are the same on this EARTH we live in, not even the leaves of two similar plants. The leaves of two similar plants differ in various ways such as the shape of the leaves, their color, their size and their number on each twig. There are three pots housing three different plants .The upper part of each pot is thin at the top and broad at the bottom .To support it, the beaker like other half of the plant pot is having colored water, in which the root of the plant is present.

The stem of the interior home plant grow from the bottom onto the top where they give rise to twigs which in turn give rise to leaves, different pots have differently sized and shaped leaves .One of the pot has leaves which as a group look spade like ,beautifully growing and complimenting each other. The second types of leaves are very thin and thorn likes growing from both sides of the stem. The third type of pot has small sized leaves and also has a terminal bud giving rise to a beautiful flower. The tiles also provide a perfect background.

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