Glittering Green Color

Glittering Green Color

Nov 25 • House Interior Plants • 1380 Views • No Comments on Glittering Green Color

The picture shows that of a plant with beautiful green colored leaves on a white bowl. The bowl contains water and the roots and stem of the plant are immersed in the water such that only the leaves are showcased. The white bowl is easily the best choice one can make. This sort of plant is the best thing to have on a table in the living room as some kind of a showpiece.

It is a beautiful sight to look at. The leaves are the most beautiful part of this plant. When immersed in water, the y look extremely clean and deliver a pleasing look when looked at. They plant in the bowl can be placed even on the study table or the computer table. One look at this plant and one might really feel like having it in one’s house. But whatever said and done, A wonderful choice. The two books which are a part of the picture look wonderful in the scene as well.

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