House Interior Plants – Sprig

House Interior Plants – Sprig

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A sprig of mind in a glass… or a dash of cilantro in a vase… you name it, these plants have made us make our home theirs. Bring in some greenery and you are in a peaceful place. When you add greenery that you can use in the kitchen as well as a house interior plant, you are in a different planet altogether. The smell and radiance is pure and divine.

These house interior plants must be cared for by changing water everyday – you wouldn’t want it to be a breeding ground for pesky insects. The greenery from these plants makes it easy on the eye, purse and create a feng shui ambience and pretty popular with vastu experts too, we are told. House interior plants must catch a glimpse of the outside otherwise the plant tends to droop and the look of the home is all over the place.

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