How to Renovate and Make the Most of Your Attic

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Many homeowners look to rent their expansive attics in the Washington D.C. area. Houses are small in the country’s capital so having a renovated attic space can be very beneficial for D.C. residents. However, renovating your attic can be tough especially if you are unaware of codes, materials and proper measurements. Most attics are standard boxy styled rooms and can become a complicated for those looking to renovate. Here are some steps towards renovating your attic and working with what tools you can use:

Clean it Up!

If your attic is like mine then you need to do some organizing because a cluttered room can make your attic can reduce the value of the home or not appeal to renters. The first step to organizing is getting some storage pieces so that you can stack things vertically and keep more floor space open. This includes shelves and under couch or bed storage. Plastic bins and stand alone racks that will suffice as storage for smaller things work well too. If you  can, hang your television up on the wall so you can save the space under the TV, which is where the TV stand and storage is usually placed. This way you open up a good amount of space and that comes in handy in an attic.


Some home owners who have extra space in their backyard will build an add-on to the home to expand use of space or expand the second or third level of a home. This might cost a pretty penny but it is always a good process because not only does it give you some more room, it also grows the value of your home. During this process you can essentially be your own architect and you can add a sun room or another bedroom to the basement, the creativity is completely up to you but so is the bill. Building higher floors can require the use of scaffolding due to the amount of exterior work needed. Luckily, there are local outlets in your area, such as the scaffold center rental in Washington D.C that can help you find the right scaffolding for your project so you can get to work on your home right away.

Change the Flooring

The surface of a floor is a much bigger factor than you may thing, there is a significant difference between hard wood floors and carpet and their maintenance. Hardwood floors are easy to clean, durable and they are always a good option when looking to renovate your home. Plus, you can add area rugs to give the feel of carpet, to avoid remaining committed to long term investment such as wall-to-wall carpeting. Shiny wood floors also are reflective and that makes the room seem much larger and will give it more depth.

The Ceiling is Essential

The ceilings on the second floor and attic can vary, there are those that are finished and there are those that still have exposed pipes and insulation. Unfinished attic ceiling or exposed wiring can create a sloppy and unmanageable look. Take your time to review the materials needed for ceiling creation and implementation, there are varying sizes to a scaffold rental depending on the level of ceiling height you desire.

Homes within the Washington D.C. area almost require a certain level of impression, since it is after all in the state capital! If you plan on leaving a loft style ceiling, use specific paint to keep the exposed ceiling looking its best and well put together.

Be Conscious of your Lighting

There are attics that have the use of window panels on the ceiling, if your home is not equipped in this fashion, there are variations of lights to select. Use different light sources around the attic and they don’t have to be too strong but placing them strategically can save you space and still give good lighting.

Install ceiling lights, like track lights that will give overhead light and no usable space was lost. Lamps should be used too but not too many because they need something to be placed on. Depending on the size of your attic buy an appropriate amount of lighting which will open the room.

Decorating Can Add Depth

Renovating and decorating your home can add much more to the room than you may realize. It’s all about the illusion of depth and that begins with reflection. Hanging mirrors will give your walls another dimension not to mention for decoration purposes, pick as an intricate design to display your artistic ability. Painting the walls will give you the spacious feel too, try to stay away from the color white or too drastic of a dark color; something calm like a light purple or certain blue. Here are some attic wall ideas that can come in handy.

Renovation requires the proper coding, be sure to check in with the building inspectors with Washington D.C., and be prepared to determine the size for your scaffold rental to expand or renovate exterior materials, such as the siding. These changes provide a wealth of positive images to your neighbors, buyers or renters.

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