Teak Finish Kitchen Interior Theme

Teak Finish Kitchen Interior Theme

Feb 6 • Kitchen Designs • 2191 Views • 2 Comments on Teak Finish Kitchen Interior Theme

Bringing the beauty of teak in the cooking space, this kitchen theme is all about dark tones for that stunning and creative contemporary setting!

This design is all about bringing the beauty of teak to modern homes in the right way. Retaining the essence of teak, the design consists of frames made of wood with solid countertops and worktops in black for a combination that can work with varied interior themes. The overall theme is all about balancing natural colors of wood with modern and contemporary design ideas and bringing poise in the kitchen. Classy and smart with a creative theme!

2 Responses to Teak Finish Kitchen Interior Theme

  1. janetarz says:

    its nice to see your design great idea and keep as more new>

  2. janetarz says:

    i like it……….coz i love cooking!

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