How to brighten up your brown kitchen

How to brighten up your brown kitchen

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Brightening up one brown kitchen needs maximizing light, key accessories to give room one bright glow, and more contrast. When painting or even renovating kitchen is not an option, then accessorizing it can take your kitchen from dull and dark to welcoming and warm. It does not require lots of money or time for creating one brighter kitchen; a decorating trick comprises to focus on functional elements of kitchen for bringing lighter colors inside the room without crowding it.

Contemporary kitchens only shine when you keep them well-organized, uncluttered and sleek. Remove prevailing window treatments when it is possible for you for seeing how your brown kitchen feels or looks with complete daylight. If you are used to having blinds, then open them by pulling cord for retracting them all way to the top of window. Hang some cafe curtains, pale, sheer, or bright curtains for windows, such as cream muslin, yellow gauze or red gingham.

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