Spacious Teak Kitchen Design

Spacious Teak Kitchen Design

Jan 19 • Kitchen Designs • 1534 Views • 1 Comment on Spacious Teak Kitchen Design

This kitchen has been designed to bring out a very sober and fairly modern look in the kitchen. The cabinets and the shelves are made from teak and they are acting as a display of excellent mixing with all the other colors in the kitchen environment over here. The flooring, walls and ceiling have been provided with a white colored scheme, which is creating a very splendid environment in the kitchen along with the marvelous color of the teak.

Besides the color pattern and ambience of this kitchen, another great thing to be noticed is the huge storage space that has been allocated in the whole setting. A good number of cabinets and shelves have been arranged in the kitchen area in the most optimal manner to fit into the given space perfectly. The appliances have also been chosen very carefully to maintain the balance between the soberness and futurity of the whole design.

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