L Shape Wood Finish Kitchen

L Shape Wood Finish Kitchen

Nov 15 • Kitchen Designs • 1596 Views • No Comments on L Shape Wood Finish Kitchen

This is a design of a beautiful modular kitchen that will be liked by everyone for its simplicity and elegance. While the front wall is utilized for making a counter top and a cabinet with white mica with lots of drawers, the left wall is used for making a large cabinet in wood finish to house all appliances and gadgets used in the kitchen.

The handles are made of aluminum and provide a touch of elegance. The space above the kitchen counter top is utilized by making small shelves to keep important utensils. The right wall has a large window made of glass to allow lots of sunlight to enter the kitchen to make it lively. The flooring is kept dark to create a stunning contrast that looks really impressive. The ceiling is kept white as usual. The empty space on the floor is used to keep a medium sized dining table to present the complete look of the kitchen.

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