A brighter kitchen design

A brighter kitchen design

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In case there is a ceiling fixture, then replace it with some pendant lights for brightening up your kitchen. Select one single pendant fixture or a light with one group of light shade lights. As an alternate, you can put in lights, such as under-the-counter. Glow of lights under the counter can simply energize one dull kitchen. Replace cabinet handles and drawer pulls with light-colored or bright ones in painted wood, glass or porcelain.

This is a trick, which can give even old cabinets one face-lift and better contemporary feel. As an alternate to this you can use shiny metal handles and pulls for drawers. Add three or may be more houseplants in your kitchen. Plants and especially flowering or light green plants add contrast towards a brown scheme of color. They also improve air quality of interior and provide warm atmosphere inside kitchen. You can position one kitchen cart having light color against a wall if room is available.

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