Kitchen with Dark Brown Veneer

Kitchen with Dark Brown Veneer

Nov 16 • Kitchen Designs • 1825 Views • 1 Comment on Kitchen with Dark Brown Veneer

Think again if you feel that dark brown oak veneer is outdated and should not be used inside kitchen. Take a look at this classic design that is suitable for a large kitchen with empty space in the middle. While the front wall is utilized for making the shelves above the kitchen counter top, the left wall is used to continue with the counter top and the right wall makes way for a large glass window to complete the look of a classic kitchen.

The same oak veneer has been used at waist height to have symmetry inside the kitchen. The empty center space in the kitchen is utilized to keep a dining table of course in the same dark brown color that compliments the rest of the furniture. The floor of the kitchen is made with tiles of grey color to match the rest of the color scheme. This simple and elegant style makes the kitchen extremely cozy to work inside.

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  1. mohd fasi says:

    its really good interior

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