Stylish Kitchen with Arresting Looks

Stylish Kitchen with Arresting Looks

Oct 31 • Kitchen Designs • 4458 Views • No Comments on Stylish Kitchen with Arresting Looks

If you are used to seeing white ceilings and light flooring’s in kitchen, take a look at this design that allows the ceiling and the flooring to have the same dark brown color that is surprisingly also used on the cabinets made inside the kitchen.

The L shaped counter-top is placed alongside the front wall that also has a sleek and slim shelf above the counter-top. Space is left deliberately behind the counter-top on the left side with a large glass window continuing on the left wall to fill the kitchen with lots of natural light.

The wall opposite to this glass window wall is also utilized to have a large cabinet with lots of drawers to keep the appliances used inside the kitchen. This arrangement of furniture leaves lots of empty spaces in the kitchen that make the kitchen look very spacious indeed. The walls above the cabinet and counter-top are colored light cream to present a contrast with the dark brown veneer.

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