Interiors of a Steel Grey kitchen

Interiors of a Steel Grey kitchen

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This kitchen consists of a dining table with four chairs, backside walls, chimney, wall to wall windows, microwave, refrigerator, sink, tap, kitchen cabinet. The steel-gray color of the kitchen along with the purple chimney is quite attractive. The outside view from the wall to wall windows is very serene and aesthetic. The microwave is strategically placed on the left side of the kitchen next to the refrigerator. The sink and the tap are appropriately placed for the convenience of the user.

On the right side of the fridge underneath the tap and the sink is the kitchen cabinet which is very spacious. Four white chairs accompanying the dining table are placed at the centre of the spacious kitchen.
The design of the kitchen as a whole is western and at par with present day times. The blinds are removed so as to present a beautiful scenario. The kitchen design can be improved by placing violet colored flowers on the dining table so as to give it a light and breezy look.

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