Finding the Right Industrial Unit to Help Your Business Succeed

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Whether you’re choosing your first industrial unit for your business or your company is growing and you’re ready to expand, finding the right unit for your needs is a must. There’s a wealth of commercial property out there to choose from and your decision can have implications on many areas of your business – from your customer relations through to how your budget looks at the end of the year. With that in mind, it’s important to do some research and ask a few questions before settling on a unit. Here are some hints and tips to get you started:

Choose the space you need, not the space you want

The first step to selecting the best industrial unit for your business is to be honest with yourself about what your business needs are. As you’ll find out when you start your search, industrial premises vary widely in everything from size to amenities, with industrial units in Wimbledon such as those from Cattaneo Commercial which range from modest premises perfect for a small distribution business, to warehouses suited to heavy industrial use.
Right Industrial Unit
Consider what you are going to use the premises for, and how much space you will realistically need for that. There’s no harm in leaving a little wiggle room for growth, but over-estimating how much space you need could lead to you paying for square footage that you don’t use, while under-estimating will leave you and your staff uncomfortably cramped.

Put yourself in your staff and visitors’ shoes

As well as thinking about the kind of work that will take place in the space you opt for, think about the people that will be using it, namely your staff and your visitors.

For your staff, think about what amenities you need in your industrial premises. For example, consider whether you need office space and how much of it, as well as how many bathrooms would be ideal. No matter what your business, a decently appointed kitchen and a comfortable space for taking breaks will help keep you and your team on good form. You’ll also need to take into account the kind of storage and working areas you need.

Don’t forget about your visitors. Think about how many on-site visitors you expect to receive. Is the unit you’re looking at easy to find? Does it present a clean and professional appearance inside and out? Think about the surrounding area too – a busy, smelly takeaway or a noisy construction unit could be off-putting if your business plans needs to welcome a fair few visitors weekly or daily.

Get to know your fees and limits

No matter how brilliant the amenities or perfect the space, don’t sign anything until you’ve familiarised yourself with the amount you’ll be expected to pay, what it covers, and any usage or other limits you need to know.

As well as rent, some commercial properties may attract certain fees, such as property fees, taxes or lead fees. Make sure you get each fee and the expected amount in writing. You’ll also want to check out which utilities are included and if they’re not included, how you’ll be billed for them. Check your contract to find out how much your rent could increase by as your lease progresses, and to be sure you understand how to negotiate, change or end your lease if you need to. Always know what you’re going to be paying for before signing on that dotted line.
Commercial properties can come with a range of restrictions. These might include things like which business hours you can operate, the type of business you can run, the signage you can display, parking fees, and even which contractors you can use for your services, signs, lighting and so on. Learning about the restrictions beforehand is an important part of weighing up whether a unit is right for you.

The right industrial unit can be a big part of your business’ success. By asking the right questions and understanding the nitty-gritty of each unit and contract, you can find your ideal business premises.

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