Kitchen Design that is Stunningly Beautifulv

Kitchen Design that is Stunningly Beautiful

Nov 23 • Kitchen Designs • 5635 Views • 1 Comment on Kitchen Design that is Stunningly Beautiful

If you have space that gets natural sunlight, you can have a kitchen that looks very lively and make it all the more beautiful by using dark maroon laminate in conjunction with light blue paint on the wall. Just take a look at this design with systematically placed cabinet and shelves along with the counter-top. Vast empty space allows the user to place a matching dining table with chairs to have the freedom of lunch and dinner inside this lively ambience. To complete the look of the kitchen a white rug has been placed on the floor that compliments the shelves above the counter-top.

The color scheme of this design is such that it looks creative and bold but not too obtrusive. This is the reason why more and more home owners are going in for this design to have a kitchen that is both modern and stylish. The floor is kept grey while the ceiling is white in this color scheme.

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