Kitchen with pineapples

Kitchen with pineapples

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The figure in view is a contemporary styled kitchen. The worktop is light weight, comfortable, efficient, and functional. The cabinets, counters and shelves are made up of engineered wood or recycled commodities. The walls are pastel in colour with intervening windows that are left open to give the kitchen a fresh feel.

The worktop is made up of granite. It has two pineapples with green stumps on bone china plates. The mood of the kitchen can be galvanized by placing a vase of beautiful, rosy flowers or a glass jug of pineapple juice. The sharp cut edges of the commodities present an impressive, light, airy, and breezy outlook to the kitchen. Delicate white bone china plates give the kitchen a fresh look. Right weight steel rods support the worktop and the wooden panelling is shaded. All in all the design of the kitchen is stylish and not conservative.

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