Light cherry and glossy white polymeric Kitchen Design

With warm cherry cabinets choose cool color for kitchen walls

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As per a noted biologist, ‘Ecology’s first law is everything has a relation with everything else.’ This also is true for ecology of design and architecture, down towards all details. A particular cherry cabinet’s stain color and a degree of luster on surface of cabinet have aesthetic connections with all other elements of architecture in a room, which are floor, windows, walls and ceiling. It requires some care for getting these connections right assuring each element enhances and complements others.

Psychologists generally believe that colors that we see in our environment have an effect in emotional state of ours. As per an architect, rooms where inhabitants spend lots of time needs to have balance of cool and warm colors. This will let them always find current mood of them well supported by a few colors in room. Hence, this suggests if your kitchen cabinets have warm color of a cherry, then you might select one cool color to paint your walls like light French gray or beige.

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