Painting black glaze over kitchen cabinets

Painting black glaze over kitchen cabinets

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Staining kitchen cabinets of yours with one black glaze will give an elegant and aged look, which is one good match for one country, colonial or Mediterranean style decor. Best results you will get from glazing doors of cabinets, which have one paneled or frame front, rather one plain surface. Grooves along panel edges hold onto its glaze, which results in one more aged, textured appearance. A black glaze can darken and ages any kind of base color.

People most often do glazing over one light-colored paint’s base coat like tan, light blue, green, cream or soft brown. Remove cabinet drawers and doors. Clean cabinets and then dry thoroughly. Mix glazing medium and black paint in paint tray. Dip rag in glazing mixture, make it wet without soaking it. Wipe away glaze with one clean rag. Continue in same way until cabinet frame gets complete, and then do same for cabinet drawer and doors. Let glaze dry for overnight.

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