Add gloss elements to your kitchen

Add gloss elements to your kitchen

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If you are looking for one real contemporary kitchen, then you can give your kitchen a modern look by going for one high-gloss look. Glossy kitchens comprise of numerous items having gloss finishes, such as cabinets, trim and metal fixtures. If there are small children in the house, then glossy kitchen is not for you, as several gloss elements are easy to scratch and put fingerprints.

Start by applying glossy tiles to walls, such as white subway and black grout. Use glossy metals or stainless steel for fixtures, such as door knobs, pulls, handles and faucets. Add some glass elements in your kitchen, such as painted or lacquered glass for covering one small wall section or backsplash. Paint inside of cabinets, which are glass-fronted for staying with gloss-themed look. If you do not have enough cash for purchasing new glossy cabinets then, you can take off trim from them and paint them. Add two coats of polyurethane or lacquer for creating that gloss effect.

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