Fawn and Purple Kitchen Design

Fawn and Purple Kitchen Design

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Kitchen is one place where a housewife has top spend lots of hours every day. She has to prepare food items for the entire family inside. This means the design of the kitchen has to be such so as to make the ambiance cheerful and exciting. This is necessary to keep the person making food in good mood so as to be able to make delicious food.

There is a growing trend these days to keep the kitchen uncluttered with ample open space. The flooring in this design is fawn colored with the same color of mica used in the bidding of the cabinets and shelves used in conjunction with purple color. This is a combination that creates a mesmerizing effect on anyone who enters the kitchen.

There is a cabinet at the level of the floor on the left with a high cabinet on the right wall. There are lots of drawers underneath the counter top to facilitate easy storage of utensils.

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