Simplicity offers a lot more

Simplicity offers a lot more

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Kitchen is at times the place where you spend most of your time. So finding the right mix of colors is essential. Every element offers a very soothing feel. The fixtures are embedded with criteria in mind that it should be simple yet look smart. The light shade of the whole space does the same. The flooring blends with the surrounding and elevates the whole scenario.

The chimney camouflages in an unusual way. This arrangement ensures that there is a lot of space for personal preference and it should be kept in mind that while in future if at all any are added it shouldn’t disturb the delicate balance. Each and every corner in this kitchen echoes the need for subtlety and simplicity at the same time, is greatly focused on functionality with the right choice of colors. The cup boards, marble and the flooring all are made to sync together without over powering each other and results in a harmonious space.

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