Sober Kitchen Interior

A sober kitchen with a touch of blue

Oct 5 • Kitchen Designs • 3835 Views • No Comments on A sober kitchen with a touch of blue

Kitchen appliances are now available in various colors. There was a time when a majority of appliances of kitchen were in black or white. Although several homes still rely on black or white appliances in kitchen, more and more kitchens are now featuring appliances in one variety of colors over a spectrum, which includes bold hues like blue, red and gold. Which color or colors are appropriate for you depends on kitchen you have and your taste.

You may want to choose some traditional colors for appliances or something flashy and outrageous. Appliances, which come in bold colors, such as red, green or blue as in this kitchen are still very uncommon in kitchens. A touch of blue as used in this kitchen is in a very efficient manner as it is complementing white walls and appliances. A wooden floor is injecting an earthly look and feel to this kitchen. By placing cushions in kitchen over one counter it becomes a nice place for sitting and enjoying some time in kitchen.

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