Spacious Modern Kitchen Design

A Modern Lively Kitchen with Ample Space

Oct 16 • Kitchen Designs • 2853 Views • No Comments on A Modern Lively Kitchen with Ample Space

If you want a new and lively design for a kitchen with lots of space to play with, there are many ideas that you can work upon. This particular concept revolves around allowing lots of sunlight inside the kitchen during daytime by having a large window on the end of the right hand wall that also contains a large cabinet to keep all the gadgets and appliances.

The front wall has another cabinet with shelves matching with the counter top to allow the housewife to work with food items and the gas stove. Far left area of this wall is painted green to give the impression of a lively and green kitchen. There is another cabinet placed along this wall though smaller in size and allowing space behind for some art show pieces. The empty space is utilized to keep a dining table with chairs to complete the look of the kitchen.

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