The Benefits of a Bespoke Kitchen

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When homeowners think of bespoke kitchens, a million thoughts and questions go through their mind. Wouldn’t it cost much more than a readymade kitchen? Is it really worth that much more? What are the real advantages of opting for a bespoke kitchen? A bespoke kitchen is one that is tailor made to your particular specifications, whether it is by modifying the kitchen manufacturer’s design to fit your kitchen dimensions or designing from scratch to fit the kitchen floor plan.

First… Dispelling The Price Myth : The fact is a custom made kitchen can cost just as much or as little as its readymade counterpart. It all depends on the style and the materials that you choose. With a bespoke kitchen you can choose whatever material you want for the cabinets as well as for the kitchen slab and the flooring. You can even mix and match materials so that you stay within budget while still creating a space that ticks all the boxes. From the chance to exercise your creative flair to the maximum utilisation of space, the advantages that a bespoke kitchen offers are truly endless.

Creative Benefits Of Bespoke Kitchens : Bespoke kitchens give you the chance to be truly creative as you incorporate your special plans and ideas into the design process. You can customise everything in the kitchen – the number, style and size of the cabinets, racks, drawers, shelves and anything else you can think of. You can even incorporate several little add-ons such as wine racks and spice racks into the decor to give it that extra flair.

Wish you had someplace to keep your cook books and recipes so they could be within eye sight and easy reach rather than hidden away in a drawer?  A wall mounted bookshelf would be a neat solution. Want to show off your bespoke wedding crockery but are looking for a way to keep them safe from prying hands? Incorporate a couple of glass fronted cabinets into your design.

Functional Benefits Of Bespoke Kitchens : With a bespoke kitchen you get a space that performs exactly as you want it to – you have everything you want, exactly where you want it to be. One of the biggest advantages of customising is that it allows maximum utilisation of any space, which can be especially beneficial if the kitchen has odd corners. You can pick and choose your big appliances while designing the kitchen so that everything fits in and blends perfectly with each other.

Where and how appliances are placed can have a huge impact on your efficiency in the kitchen. Customising the design allows you to place every piece of equipment exactly where you want to for peak efficiency.

 Bespoke Kitchens Add Significant Value To The Property : You may not want to sell your home just yet but when you want to, your bespoke kitchen will help you get a better price. From the buyer’s point of view, it’s a coup of sorts to be able to buy a home that has a kitchen that’s different from any other home in and around the neighbourhood. Whether you are looking for a, rustic country kitchen, a cool contemporary kitchen or a classic touch of style, you can add your distinctive touch with a bespoke kitchen.

BIO : Diana Jackson is a professional interior (and exterior) decorator of 15 years from South East of England. Diana write regularly on topics of DIY – this article was on behalf of Harvey Jones


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