Grey countertops with white kitchen cabinetry

Grey countertops with white kitchen cabinetry

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Slate is going through one surge in its popularity as numbers of people are discovering its diversity and beauty. Slate is one virtually, natural waterproof stone. There are numerous uses of slate including paving, showers patios, roofing, fireplaces, staircases and gardens. Because it has low maintenance requirements and superior durability, slate countertop materials very well suits usage in bathroom or kitchen. Slate comes under many shades of black, red, brown, yellow, gray, dark purple and turquoise.

Design ideas related with slate countertops comprise sharply contrasting slate color along with color of cabinet. For example, one cabinet having dark cherry color on it would pair with one green slate countertop, whereas cabinets having light color would contrast well with black slate or dark grey. Dark purple or red slate countertops will bring one modern look towards kitchens and will spice up appearance of one bathroom. Slate is one metaphoric stone forms from igneous or sedimentary rocks.

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