Decorate your kitchen with slate grey flooring

Decorate your kitchen with slate grey flooring

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Since grey color is popular as one neutral, which grounds hues of other around it, to find one color combination to decorate with slate grey floors is simple. This color suites more when a complementary color, one, which is opposite on color wheel, mixes together with it, such as white and black. Stone floors fits into almost every style of design as well, starting from traditional towards modern.

Mixing in slate grey floors with cool tones produces one room, which is relaxing and calm. For example, greenish accents adjust well into one eco-friendly design, which uses other materials, such as natural stone. Options include reclaimed wooden furniture, scrapped hand woven rugs and concrete countertops. Using blue color is one more way of adding cool tones to space, such as in one painting of an ocean, sophisticated and striped treatments for windows or comfy throw pillows. Slate grey floors also ground kitchens, which have a decoration of warm tones.

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