How to care for laminate kitchen flooring

How to care for laminate kitchen flooring

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Because of its moisture resistance, durability and sanitary surface in kitchens laminate flooring is common. You can find prints of various patterns over laminate planks for imitating slate, hardwood and other types of natural materials. Similar to other types of flooring, laminate also requires a consistent care for maintaining a shiny appearance of it. Exposure to drink spills, dirt and food residue causes it to appear neglected and grungy. Film and streaks from previous solutions of cleaning also can dull your laminate floors as time passes.

Fortunately, by using simple and easy techniques you can care for and restore your laminate flooring for kitchen. Vacuum your floor for eliminating debris particles. Create one mopping solution in one bucket of warm water with one-fourth white vinegar. Apply this solution using one microfiber mop. Glide mop over three-foot section of floor then wash this solution with fresh water. Wipe clean towels of mop over entire floor for thoroughly drying laminate planks.

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