Black and white yet modern living area

Black and white yet modern living area

Aug 10 • Living Room Designs • 4286 Views • No Comments on Black and white yet modern living area

The first corner of your home that your guests see is your living room so you expect it to look presentable before them. Here is a living room that is not only presentable but is a treat for your as well as your guests’ eyes. The theme of the room is white with a little hint of black.

The furniture is of a fresh and stylish design and its color is a part of the white theme. There are few black blocks and shelves on the white wall which is a very contemporary concept. The living room is quite spacious and the white color is helping in brightening up the room to look bigger.

There is a brown carpet of modern design which is again complementing the furniture as well as the white walls. The room looks elegant and lavish with a modern concept of interior designing and is perfect to flaunt.

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