White and dark brown living area

White and dark brown living area

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Everyone wishes to have a different and attractive living room. Hence they try to decorate it with new and modern interior designs. The above room is an example of such modern as well as different modern interior designs. The room is done in the most formal color combination that is white and dark brown colors. All the walls are painted in white and also there is a glass wall at the back which adds a brightening affect to the complete room.

The off white floor with brown patterns is quite a unique concept and a stylish one as well. The wooden case by the glass wall and the furniture are of very contemporary design and they both are in dark brown color. The room is adequately spaced and filled with few antique show pieces. The room looks quite formal and luxurious as well as stylish and modern at the same time.

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  1. patil amar balaso says:

    this picture of house is very good

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