A living room with two focal points

A living room with two focal points

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Think of one living room that is white as one blank canvas, which is just waiting for you to paint it with your style and personality. Decorate living room of yours with more or less color way you want as per your style, which reflects your taste and personality. There are many ways for including color through textiles and accessories, which won’t disturb white floor or wall if you do not want them to change.

In this room, there are two focal points sharing limelight of this room with each other. These are a swirling stairway and round window. A rug in center of room is anchoring furniture and adding texture to this room. All walls, stairs, floor are painted in a warm white shade for keeping room away from feeling uninviting and cold. Arrangement of furniture in this room is in a manner, which can promote easy conversation within this arrangement.

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  1. kamyuka Henry says:

    I luv this it makes me wipe my rooms now. looks great

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